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KB Sports Football is designed for children and youth ages 4-17 . The specific purpose of this program is to utilize sports as the avenue to meet the social, educational and inspirational needs of our youth. Realizing that our youth are faced with many challenges and obstacles, it is our desire and privilege to sow into the lives of our youth to help them overcome the temptations of the world. This program will provide a good way to instill discipline, accountability, teamwork, and time management in all individuals involved. Additionally, this program will strengthen family units and provide positive lifelong opportunities to enhance each person’s life. 


KB Sports Mission is to provide the highest level of coaching available for volleyball players seeking to improve their individual skills and to compete at the highest level possible with their team. While improving individual and team volleyball skills is important we also believe in teaching our players to value hard work, discipline, commitment, sportsmanship, teamwork, competition, and respect for themselves and their teammates.


KB Sports Youth Baseball offers a supervised recreational and select baseball program for kids ages 3-14. All games are played according to the rules and policies set forth with some additional ground rules set forth by the KB Sports Youth Baseball    Youth Baseball experience a positive one for the fans, the parents, and most importantly, the kids that play the game.

KB Sports National Championship 2023

Home of the  Crystal BasketBall with rings Champion!!

June 23-25, 2023

Registration Fee: $350.00 

Two divisions (D1 and D2) for each age group (to crown two different champions) will be offered. KB Sports will not allow teams to choose which division they will play in. Pool play record will determine your division and thus each team will truly be placed in their correct talent level for bracket play. The top half of the teams will be placed in the D1 Bracket and the bottom half will be placed in the D2 Bracket. 

National Championship Atlanta, GA

Our National Championship  

    (4 Game Guarantee)

Space will be very limited, we encourage you to inform us of your plans to participate as quickly as possible. 

Live Broadcasting of Championship Games

     Media Coverage

     Scouting Reports

     College Scouts   

Great Tournament in Augusta,Ga

Coach Mike Brown

Director of Texas Elite

Great tournament  came down for Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta Ga

Katie Alhstom

Head Coach Minnesota Energy 2020

Great Tournament in Augusta,Ga  ran very well and great competition..

Coach Simmeron

Director of Carolina Elite , NC



We offer great tournaments at great prices!

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