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Coach of the Year & Director of the year & Player of the year
Team Mom of the Year

From the grassroots level to the professional level, the positive impact that a Coach, Director can have on an athlete is invaluable. A coach role extends beyond wins and losses to teaching life lessons and developing young people into healthy , confident and respectful adults through the medium of sports.

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We  encourage you to vote on for your favorite Coach,Director, Player and Team Mom. 

Voting rules are as follows:

Voting is open from August 1 to August 14

IG  specific coach hashtag and #contest to count as one vote IG @kbsports8

There is no limit on the amount of times users can vote per day

The following individuals will be recognized by KB Sports  for their dedication and influence in their local youth basketball communities. These outstanding individual are in consideration for the 2021 KB Sports of the Year award.

The winners will be announced at the 2020 All-Star game  August 21,2021

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All Star competition

Coach Of The Year


 Yatta Yatta

 Lady Go Getters

 Alex Prince

  Explosive Elites

 Jacquez Nelson

 Middle Georgia Push

Sammie Duke

 TM Elite

 Dante Elder

   Promise Elite

 Rick Dunston

 Norcross Heat

 PooMan Goodwin

 Team USC Unleashed

 Rickey Mcghee


 Mark Merrill

  Georgia Cavs

 Derrick Shine

 Shine Hoop Grinders

Director Of the Year


 Travis&Mia Nelson

    Middle GA Push

 Marshawn Hampton

   Norcross Heat

Damion Redmond

   Promise Elite

Carlos Blackwell

   Atlanta Strikers

 Robert Kilo Carr

 Eastman Heat

Jeremiah Colbert

  Athens Cavs

 Sadrian Ware

  We Got Next

 Dante Elder

 Promise Elite

Delmont Preston

Georgia Warhawks


Team Huskies

Team Mom Of The Year


 Regine Cosby

 Georgia Elite Sports

 Linda Lyons


 Preshus Goodwin

   Team USC

 Gelisha Barksdale

   Tier 2 Elite

 Chanta Horne

Athens Cavs

 TaWana Battle

   GA. Stars

 Varenka Harris

  Atlanta Strickers

 Tenika Harrison

 Promise Elite

 Deona Ivey

Air Ballers Elite

 Nicole Ransom

 Glynn Tigers

Player Of The Year


.Jah'kiaus (Black) Jones

   Freebandz Elite

 Jordan Rouse


 Joshua Mickell

   Norcross Heat

 Zion Harris

    Atlanta Strikers

 Rondavion Davis

   TM Elite

 JaQuentin Madison

   Tier 2 Elite

 Damon Harrison

    Promise Elite

 RJ  Leslie

  Georgia Top Dog

 Jerdavian Colbert

  Athens Cavs

 CJ Battle

 GA  Stars


KB Sports Coaches of the year

2019 coaches of the year

KB Sports Player of the year

2019 KB Sport player of the year.

KB Sports  Director of the year.

KB Sports 2019 Director of the year.

Damian Tripp

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