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Welcome to the home of KB Sports, we’re glad you found us!

 We’re a grassroots basketball Youth organization whose mission is to empower our youth through quality basketball events while positively impacting the communities in which they’re held.

At KB Sports, we believe the traits that make a great athlete are the same traits that will carry over into other areas of a young athlete’s life. Selflessness, work ethic, communication, respect, reliability - all these things contribute to success on the court, but more importantly serve as essential life skills. Our goal is to foster an environment, not only where basketball skills can be enhanced and exposed.

KB Sports Exposure Tournaments


KB Sports started with a concept to explore ways to promote youth athletes and provide varies possibilities to be exposed to scholarship opportunities. Since then, we have created fun and safe events for all participating age groups.

Our goals are simple:

Provide a safe, competitive environment

Provide exposure for athletes

Coordinate and market the best events

Create avenues to connect colleges to our youth athletes

Support our communities and give back

Our passion to develop and assist youth in advancing to the next level allows us to support the communities who support us. There will be an opportunity at every event to win the MVP platinum pass for the all-star game.

We thank you in advance for your support!

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